The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has published a Federal Register notice seeking public input on the CFTC’s proposed rulemaking areas to implement the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

On July 21, the CFTC released the list of 30 areas of rulemaking for over-the-counter derivatives to implement the Act. The CFTC has made separate electronic mailboxes available for comments with respect to 29 of the 30 individual areas, as well as a general comment mailbox (the addresses for which mailboxes can be found in the Federal Register notice). The CFTC has indicated that the views of interested parties may be considered in the pre-proposal process but will not be treated as official comments on specific proposed rules.

The CFTC will accept submissions on each rulemaking topic until such time as it publishes a proposed rule for that topic in the Federal Register. Thereafter, it will accept official comments on such proposed rules until the close of the proposed rule’s official comment period. All submissions provided to the CFTC will be published on the CFTC’s website. The submissions will not be subject to pre-publication review, and personally identifying information will not be removed.

The CFTC press release regarding the Federal Register release can be found here.
The Federal Register release can be found here.