Co-authored by Tanja Samardzija.

On December 10, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission granted no-action relief in a situation in which a broker-dealer classifies: (1) a person (in one or more classes of ownership of the broker-dealer) as an owner of the firm (and not as a customer) for purposes of SEC Rule 15c3-3 (also known as the Customer Protection Rule) and (2) such person’s contributions in the firm as equity capital for purposes of SEC Rule 15c3-1 (also known as the Net Capital Rule). This situation applies, for example, where owners of a proprietary trading firm trade their own capital through the firm.

The No-Action letter provides guidance that such classifications are permissible as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The broker-dealer obtains an opinion of independent legal counsel that: (a) it is duly formed, validly existing and in good standing; and (b) its governing documents are enforceable in accordance with their terms, each in the jurisdiction in which the broker-dealer was formed, organized or incorporated.
  2. Upon request by the SEC or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the broker-dealer must be able to establish that the person is an equity participant in the firm under applicable law in the jurisdiction in which the broker-dealer was formed, organized or incorporated.
  3. The relationship between the person and the broker-dealer, and all applicable conditions of the arrangement, must be documented in an executed agreement wherein the parties agree and acknowledge certain conditions noted in the No-Action letter.
  4. The person annually thereafter reaffirms in writing his/her understanding of, and agreement with, the terms and conditions of the executed agreement.
  5. The broker-dealer ensures that the person is appropriately registered with the designated examining authority for any activity performed by the person for which registration is required. If the person is not a natural person, each person authorized to perform any activity for which registration is required on behalf of that person must be so registered. Further, the broker-dealer has implemented a system of supervisory compliance and controls that apply to such activities of the person and all others authorized to perform such activities on behalf of that person.

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