On October 2, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. postponed the implementation date of the Market Participant Identifier (MPID) requirements for Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) when reporting weekly volume and trade information to FINRA. The proposed rules amended FINRA Rules 6160, 6170, 6480 and 6720 to require an ATS to use a single MPID when reporting information to FINRA. The original implementation date was November 10, 2014, and the postponed implementation date is February 2, 2015. The postponement was issued after FINRA members requested it in order to ensure that their trade reports and FINRA Order Audit Trail System reports comply with guidance FINRA released on September 15, which clarified the appropriate indication of MPIDs in various trade reporting situations. 

Click here to read the FINRA guidance for ATS reporting and here to read the proposed rule postponement.