On January 23, the National Futures Association (NFA) issued a notice informing its members that the annual reports required by NFA rules to be submitted by the chief compliance officer (CCO) of a swap dealer (SD) or major swap participant (MSP) must be filed with NFA through the WinJammer system and no longer need to additionally be filed through the CFTC’s web-based portal. A January 23 CFTC press release makes clear that, while an SD or MSP may file the CCO annual report through the CFTC portal, the CFTC will automatically receive reports that have been filed through WinJammer and that such a filing satisfies the requirement to file the report with the CFTC. This change in the filing process is effective for CCO annual reports for any fiscal year ending on or after October 31, 2014. In order to file the annual report through WinJammer, swap dealers and major swap participants must create a “Regulation Notice – Swaps” in the filing index of WinJammer as of the ending date of the report, select the “Chief Compliance Officer Annual Report – Swaps” filing type and upload the report as a .pdf file.

NFA’s notice to members is available here.

The CFTC press release is available here.