The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is requesting public comment on a certification of proposed rule amendments that were filed by ICE Futures U.S. Inc.  

Under the amendments, ICE Futures would base position limits for eight of its NYISO Zone G electric power futures contracts on a new estimation for deliverable supply. The CFTC’s Division of Market Oversight determined that ICE Futures’ submission did not adequately explain the subject rule amendment and is potentially inconsistent with Section 5c(c)(2) of the Commodity Exchange Act and Sections 40.6(c)(1), 40.7(a)(2) and 40.7(a)(3) of the CFTC’s regulations.

Commenters may review ICE Futures’ submissions 15-101 and 15-101 Supplemental and the CFTC’s questions for public comment. Comments may be submitted electronically on or before August 6.