The Securities and Exchange Commission recently published its agenda with respect to upcoming rulemaking, including rulemaking contemplated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In setting its agenda, the SEC established target dates for taking various rulemaking actions, including setting an April 2017 target for the following measures:

  • adopting final rules regarding incentive-based compensation clawbacks and listing standards for the recovery of erroneously-awarded compensation;
  • adopting final rules regarding disclosure of executive pay-for-performance;
  • adopting final rules regarding disclosure of hedging transactions;
  • adopting final amendments to rules and Form N-PX that require investment managers to disclose their proxy votes on executive compensation and golden parachutes;
  • proposing amendments to the proxy rules to allow for universal proxy statements;
  • proposing amendments to the proxy rules to require additional disclosure regarding the diversity of board members and nominees; and
  • proposing revisions to the “smaller reporting company” definition and related provisions.

As a reminder, the target dates included in the SEC’s recently published agenda should be considered as guidelines rather than absolute deadlines.

The SEC Agency Rule List is available here.