The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which administers the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) system, recently announced that the “accounting” tab in the IARD system will be retired on June 17. Thereafter, users will be required to access firm accounting information through FINRA’s E-Bill system, and per FINRA’s notice regarding the E-Bill system, current IARD users should have been given access to E-Bill. Beginning on June 17, users will need access to E-Bill to view, among other things, their Flex-Funding Account information, account status and Renewal Account information. In addition, IARD accounting notifications also will be retired on June 17. In order to continue receiving e-mail notifications regarding the firm’s Flex-Funding Account, users must subscribe to receive alerts through the E-Bill system.

 For more information on E-Bill, including how to request access, please click here