On August 24, the National Futures Association (NFA) issued Notice I-16-18, advising member firms they will need to designate an executive representative in connection with NFA’s upcoming electronic voting system. Beginning with the 2017 election of NFA’s Board of Directors, NFA will replace paper ballots with a new electronic voting system. The designated executive representative for each member firm will be the only person allowed to take the following actions: (1) submit a petition to nominate a director candidate; (2) cast a vote in a contested director election; and (3) vote for or against amendments to NFA’s Articles of Organization. All notices concerning director elections, article amendments and director nominations will be sent only to a member firm’s executive representative. Member firms can designate their executive representative by completing the new “Executive Representative Contact” form available on the electronic filings portion of NFA’s website.

The Executive Representative Contact form is available here (login required).

Notice I-16-18 is available here.