The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. has released frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the enhanced confirmation disclosure requirements for certain corporate and agency debt securities transactions pursuant to recently approved amendments to FINRA Rule 2232. The new requirements obligate FINRA members to disclose additional transaction-related information to retail customers for trades in corporate or agency debt securities where the FINRA member executes on offsetting principal trade in the same security on the same day. Required disclosure includes relevant mark-ups and mark-downs and time of execution, as well as the provision of links to security-specific webpages that contain relevant information about the securities on the confirmation. The new requirements go into effect on May 14, 2018. The FAQs provide additional information related to when disclosure requirements under FINRA Rule 2232 are triggered, the scope of securities and transactions to which the disclosure requirements pertain, the content and format of the required disclosures, and the determination of prevailing market price. FINRA expects to update the FAQs periodically.

FINRA’s announcement regarding the release of the FAQs is available here. The FAQs is available here.