On March 11, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published the following new webpages on the Securities Financing Transactions (SFTR):

  1. an overview of SFTR (available here);
  2. an overview of the EU SFTR reporting obligations (available here); and
  3. a non-exhaustive library for EU and UK SFTR links and information (available here).

The FCA note that this is not intended to substitute a firm’s own research. In their overview of the EU SFTR reporting obligations, the FCA notes that counterparties are required to report aspects of the securities financing transactions (SFTs) that they have concluded, modified or terminated to a registered or recognized trade repository (TR). The webpage also provides guidance on the following topics:

  1. an approach to help choosing a TR;
  2. the firms that are required to report to a TR;
  3. the information to be included when reporting to a TR; and
  4. how firms can fulfil their reporting obligations.