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As previously discussed in our March 26 advisory titled, “Virtual Shareholder Meetings in the Wake of COVID-19: Legal and Practical Considerations,” the Securities and Exchange Commission issued guidance to public companies on providing notice of a change to a virtual shareholder meeting in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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Included as a revenue offset in the budget legislation (H.R. 1314) signed by President Obama are provisions that simplify the procedure for the Internal Revenue Service to audit and collect adjustments from partnerships. The new rules, which are generally effective beginning 2018, permit the IRS to send the bill for a prior year’s tax deficiency to the partnership, which would then have the obligation to pay the deficiency, unless the partnership elects an alternative payment procedure. The alternative payment procedure permits partnerships to pass the adjustments and related taxes back to the applicable partners, who will pay this additional tax in the year they are notified of the deficiency and will not be required to amend their prior years’ federal returns. (Partners will still be obligated to report the adjustments on amended state tax returns, unless the applicable state adopts similar procedures.) The details for making this election will be set forth in forthcoming US Treasury regulations.
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