In its most recently completed session, the Delaware state legislature adopted amendments to various provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL). These amendments became effective August 1. While many of the amendments were technical in nature (e.g., amendments to the merger provisions of DGCL §§ 252, 253, 258 and 267 to consistently use the term “foreign corporation” when referring to corporations organized under the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Delaware), others are of more significance to practitioners.
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On August 14, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a rule change which will now require New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)-listed companies to provide notice to the NYSE at least 10 minutes prior to any public announcement regarding dividends or stock distributions, whether or not such notice would be made after NYSE trading hours. The

On July 12, in his first major address since becoming Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year, Jay Clayton outlined his vision for the SEC under his Chairmanship based upon eight guiding “principles” and his approach for implementing those principles into practice.

In the speech, delivered at the Economic Club of New York, Chairman Clayton stressed that protection of investors—particularly retail investors (or as Chairman Clayton referred to them, the “Main Street Investor”)—will be a fundamental principle underlying the policies and actions of the SEC under his leadership.
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