On September 19, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a package of new final rules and rule amendments dealing with recordkeeping and reporting requirements for security-based swap dealers (SBS dealers). In general, the SEC is requiring SBS dealers to create and maintain records with respect to security based-swaps in a manner consistent with current recordkeeping and record retention rules that apply to broker-dealers. The SEC is, however, providing alternate compliance mechanisms that will allow an SBS dealer that also is a swap dealer but is not a broker-dealer to comply with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) rules instead and will allow a non-US SBS dealer to request permission to comply with its home country rules.
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On October 11, the Securities and Exchange Commission demonstrated renewed interest in completing the regulatory regime for security-based swaps (SBS) by re-opening the comment periods for a number of SBS rules that were previously proposed but never adopted. Specifically, the SEC is requesting further comment on the following proposals:
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The Security Exchange Commission has added an additional piece to its array of cross-border rules for security-based swaps (SBS). The new rule confirms that, consistent with the position taken by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission with respect to cross-border swaps, a non-US person must include in its de minimis calculations for security-based swap dealer registration any non-cleared “dealing” SBS it executes with a non-US-person counterparty if the swap is “arranged, negotiated or executed” by personnel of the non-US person located in a US branch or office or by agents of the non-US person located in a U.S. branch or office.
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