CBOE Exchange, Inc. (CBOE) recently filed a proposal to amend its Rule 6.49A to delete the provisions therein related to on-floor position transfers and amend the provision regarding presidential exemptions. Generally, CBOE Rule 6.49(a) requires that transactions of option contracts listed on the exchange for a premium in excess of $1.00 to be effected on

CBOE Exchange, Inc. (CBOE) has proposed amendments to Chapter 17 of the CBOE Options Rules regarding investigative and disciplinary matters involving CBOE Trading Permit Holders (TPHs) and their associated persons. In particular, the amendments reflect updates to CBOE’s rules and processes related to:

  • complaints and investigations;
  • expedited proceedings;
  • the issuance of charges (and answers thereto);
  • hearings (including decisions made pursuant to a hearing and the review of decisions);
  • summary proceedings;
  • settlements;
  • judgment and sanctions;
  • service of notice;
  • reporting to the Central Registration Depository; and
  • imposition of fines for minor rule violations.

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