Co-authored by Tanja Samardzija.

On July 1, 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission granted temporary exemptions under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 in connection with the pending revision of the definition of “security” to encompass security-based swaps. As a result, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority adopted Rule 0180, which (with certain exceptions) temporarily limits the application of FINRA rules with respect to security-based swaps. The SEC has issued an order extending the expiration date of the temporary exemptions until February 11, 2014. Thus, FINRA has filed the proposed rule change in order to align the expiration date of Rule 0180 with the new expiration date of the SEC’s temporary exemptions.

The SEC is accepting comments on the proposed rule change. Comments should refer to File Number SR-FINRA-2013-019 and must be submitted to the SEC on or before 21 days from publication in the Federal Register.

The notice of proposed rule change is available here.