On December 16, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued Financial Institution Letter 60-2015, which summarizes a final rule with respect to non-member banks, state savings and loan associations, and certain holding companies.

The final rule:

  • consolidates and conforms the change in control regulation of state savings associations, and rescinds the change in control regulation and guidance transferred from the Office of Thrift Supervision;
  • adopts presumptions of acting in concert consistent with the other federal banking agencies;
  • adopts definitions for previously undefined terms, such as “voting securities;”
  • adopts a rebuttable presumption that the acquisition of convertible securities, options or warrants is presumed to constitute the acquisition of voting securities;
  • requires, unless waived by the FDIC, a person who has been approved to acquire control of a covered institution and who has maintained that control to file a second notice if that person’s ownership, control or power to vote will increase to 25 percent or more of any class of voting securities; and
  • establishes reporting requirements for stock loans held by foreign banks and their affiliates, and for a new CEO or director of a bank following a change in control.

The rule will become effective on January 1, 2016.

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