On July 16, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) published separate guidance related to the public offering review process (Public Offering Guidance) and private placement filings (Private Placement Guidance). FINRA rules impose a number of obligations on member firms participating in the distribution of shares in a public offering. The Public Offering Guidance outlines, among other items, the use of FINRA’s Public Offering System, the handling of potential conflicts of interest related to a public offering and the types of public offering reviews available from FINRA’s Corporate Financing Department. Similarly, the Private Placement Guidance summarizes FINRA rules related to private placements, including the corresponding filing requirements, and provides guidance with respect to compliance with the rules. Both sets of guidance also include an outline of FINRA’s review process and provide links to additional resources.

The Public Offering Guidance is available here.

The Private Placement Guidance is available here.