On March 25, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued an Order granting the application by the Financial Information Forum (FIF) and Securities Traders Association (STA) for a temporary exemption from certain requirements of Rule 606 of Regulation NMS under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which requires broker-dealers to disclose certain information regarding the handling of their customers’ orders, as a result of COVID-19. The SEC granted the request of FIF and STA that the SEC: 1) delay the date by which broker-dealers must provide the public report of first quarter 2020 data required by Rule 606(a) to May 29, 2020; and 2) extend the date that broker-dealers that outsource routing must begin to collect the monthly customer-specific data for not held NMS stock orders required by Rule 606(b)(3) to June 1, 2020, and extend to July 29, 2020, the date by which broker-dealers must provide the customer-specific report of June 2020 data for customer requests that are made on or before July 17, 2020.

The SEC Order is available here.