On October 21, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published new and updated webpages relating to whistleblowing (the Webpages).

The Webpages discuss:

  1. when to report wrongdoing to the FCA, how the FCA protects the identities of whistleblowers and what the FCA will do with the information reported;
  2. the legal and FCA protection available to whistleblowers and how the information reported is handled;
  3. how to report wrongdoing to the FCA’s Whistleblowing Team and how the information reported is handled. The Webpages also include steps an individual should take before making a report; and
  4. the impact of whistleblowing information provided to the FCA in regulating its firms. Case studies are available on the Webpage to demonstrate how the FCA’s Whistleblowing team have previously handled reports and their outcomes.

The Webpages are available (1) here, (2) here, (3) here and (4) here.