On April 28, the Division of Data of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued a renewal of the temporary no-action relief available to entities (Relief Counterparties) that submit certain swaps for clearing by derivatives clearing organizations that operate pursuant to CFTC exemptive orders or staff no-action letters (Relief DCOs). CFTC Letter No. 21-12 extends relief available to Relief Counterparties from requirements to terminate original “alpha” swaps and report swaps between the Relief Counterparties and the Relief DCOs, as well as for counterparties from reporting certain primary economic terms data fields for swaps intended to be cleared by a Relief DCO, each subject to fulfillment of certain conditions discussed in the letter. This relief was first issued in 2016 (Letter No. 16-85) and renewed in 2018 (Letter No. 18-03).

CFTC Press Release