The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is seeking comment on rules, operations and administrative processes that may create unintended disparate impacts on those within the industries that FINRA regulates.  FINRA recognizes that several broker-dealer industry participants have developed initiatives and programs to foster greater diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity in the industry, and FINRA has been engaging with its advisory committees, industry associations and other industry members to explore how it can further facilitate those goals within the broker-dealer industry.

Specifically, in support of these initiatives, FINRA has, among other initiatives, (1) established an internal Racial Justice Task Force, whose efforts include identifying opportunities to encourage greater diversity and inclusion within the broker-dealer industry, (2) created diversity-focused programming at the FINRA Annual Conference, (3) developed the Securities Industry Essentials Exam to expand who is eligible to take a qualification examination to allow for more flexibility within the broker-dealer industry, and (4) proposed to implement continuing education programs for broker-dealer industry professionals.

FINRA seeks comment on any aspects of its rules, operations and administrative processes that may create unintended barriers to greater diversity and inclusion in the broker-dealer industry. The comment period expires on June 28.

FINRA’s notice.